Meet the Pals!

Hey guys,

I wanted to share a project of mine.
I created these characters for it and they might have to go through some trouble in the future ;-)

Atreo – The big one. Solid. Hard shell, soft core. He is lonely and likes to hide near buildings, watching other lifeforms having a good time. Even though he is tall, most people don’t really recognise him.

Maud – The chubby one. Clumsy. Light-hearted nature. Kind. Easy to impress. Curious. Wants to be friends with everyone.

The first two were produced with pencil and ink. I enhanced the contrast digitally. The third is based on a rough sketch and then entirely drawn with my Wacom tablet.

3D Project: Please Pass This On

I’ve created this animation about one and a half years ago for my personal 3D project in vocational school (media design). It’s called „Please Pass This On“, and it was huge! I wasn’t able to finish it though because we didn’t have enough time plus our 3D group moved on to our graduation project afterwards. I thought it would be nice to show it off anyway! This is the very simplified version of what I intended to do. It’s kind of a rough teaser.

It introduces the character „Caible“ in a futuristic simulation. A still of her interacting with a virtual sci-fi holo interface while the camera moves around her.

Made possible in Cinema 4D and the 2D images put into shape with PS.

Sound provided by!


My YT List

This is my always up-to-date YT playlist which I listen to while I’m drawing or chilling! I can not really describe my music taste, but if you listen to this playlist you get the idea!
I wish for new music to listen to!!! Leave suggestions in the comments if you like.

Thoughts on Names

I did this for the admission exam for multimedia art evening college at Spengergasse in Vienna. The topic has been „My name is…“!

Filmed with HTC One M7! It’s not the best quality I know – but the best I’ve got!

A big thanks to the people at! That’s where I got the music (two tracks mixed together).